Top Hi-Res Female Vocalists

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  1. Sweetener
  2. Queen
  3. Playing Favorites

    Playing Favorites

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit & 44.1kHz/16bit
    Artist: Meiko
  4. Sex & Cigarettes

    Sex & Cigarettes

    Sample rate(s): 88kHz/24bit
    Artist: Toni Braxton
  5. Day Breaks (Deluxe Edition)
  6. Beautiful Trauma

    Beautiful Trauma

    Sample rate(s): 44.1kHz/24bit
    Artist: P!nk
  7. Dreams and Daggers
  8. Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)
  9. I Put A Spell On You

    I Put A Spell On You

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit & 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: Nina Simone
  10. Ctrl


    Sample rate(s): 44.1kHz/24bit
    Artist: SZA
  11. El Dorado

    El Dorado

    Sample rate(s): 44.1kHz/24bit
    Artist: Shakira
  12. Perfect Angel

    Perfect Angel

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit
    Artist: Minnie Riperton
  13. Dance Of Time
  14. The Fame Monster (Deluxe)
  15. Bella Donna (Deluxe Edition)
  16. Remember Us To Life (Deluxe)
  17. idina.


    Sample rate(s): 96kHz/24bit
    Artist: Idina Menzel
  18. The Art Of Elegance
  19. Secular Hymns
  20. Stripped


    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit & 44.1kHz/16bit
    Artist: Macy Gray
  21. Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway
  22. Little Crimes

    Little Crimes

    Sample rate(s): 192kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit & 44.1kHz/16bit
    Artist: Melissa Menago
  23. Born To Die

    Born To Die

    Sample rate(s): 44.1kHz/24bit
    Artist: Lana Del Rey
  24. Delirium (Deluxe)
  25. Stepping Out (2016 Remastered)
  26. Emily’s D+Evolution (Deluxe Edition)
  27. ANTI (Deluxe)
  28. Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)
  29. The Ann Wilson Thing! - #1
  30. Just One Look: Classic Linda Ronstadt
  31. Midnight


    Sample rate(s): 44.1kHz/24bit
    Artist: Grace Potter
  32. Back To Black
  33. VENUS
  34. Nina Simone's Finest Hour
  35. Currency Of Man (The Artist's Cut)
  36. I Can't Imagine
  37. Velvet Mood
  38. Billie Holiday
  39. Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday At Newport
  40. Billie Holiday With Ray Ellis And His Orchestra
  41. The Essential Billie Holiday: Carnegie Hall Concert Recorded Live
  42. Recital
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