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INTERACTIONS 0:51:32 £20.50
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1 Fartein Valen SONATE op. 3: I. Allegro espressivo 06:07 176/24 Album only
2 Fartein Valen SONATE op. 3: II. Allegretto con variazioni 12:09 176/24 Album only
3 Igor Stravinsky DUO CONCERTANT: I. Cantilene 03:06 176/24 Album only
4 Igor Stravinsky DUO CONCERTANT: II. Eglogue I 02:16 176/24 Album only
5 Igor Stravinsky DUO CONCERTANT: III. Eglogue II 03:28 176/24 Album only
6 Igor Stravinsky DUO CONCERTANT: IV. Gigue 04:29 176/24 Album only
7 Igor Stravinsky DUO CONCERTANT: V. Dithyrambe 03:12 176/24 Album only
8 Witold Lutoslawski PARTITA: I. Allegro giusto 03:59 176/24 Album only
9 Witold Lutoslawski PARTITA: II. Ad libitum -> Largo 07:55 176/24 Album only
10 Witold Lutoslawski PARTITA: III. Ad libitum -> Presto 04:48 176/24 Album only

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℗ 2017 2L (Lindberg Lyd, Norway)
© 2017 2L (Lindberg Lyd, Norway)

In these twentieth-century sonatas, from the late Romantic and expressionistic Valen, through Stravinsky's neoclassical period, to Lutoslawski's more modernistic style, the three composers are searching for inspiration in the past – Valen in the rigours of Bach's counterpoint, Stravinsky in antique verse forms such as we find in Virgil, and Lutoslawski in Baroque music. These interactions with artistic models from earlier times result in three highly individual compositions, each appealing both to the heart and to the mind.

Immersive Audio is a sonic sculpture that you can literally move around and relate to spatially; surrounded by music you can move about in the aural space and choose angles, vantage points and positions. Dolby Atmos and the Auro-3D on this Pure Audio Blu-ray delivers a new standard in immersion, fully enveloping the audience in a cocoon of life-like audio. Recorded in discrete 9.1 at DXD resolution.