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  1. Bach: The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080
  2. Beethoven, Symphony No. 7 & Great Fugue (arr. Piano Duo)
  3. Bowles: Complete Piano Works, Vol. 2
  4. Bartok: 44 Duos
  5. Beethoven, Brahms, Weber: Trios & Duo
  6. Bach & Kurtag: Works for Cello and Piano

    Bach & Kurtag: Works for Cello and Piano

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/24
    Artist: Duo Arp Frantz
    Genre: Classical
    Label: Genuin
  7. Brazilian Duos

    Brazilian Duos

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/16
    Artist: Luciana Souza
    Genre: Latin
  8. Between Yesterday and Tomorrow  (The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Woman)
  9. Brahms: An English Requiem

    Brahms: An English Requiem

    Sample rate(s): 48/24
    Artist: Joseph Fort
    Genre: Classical
  10. Bel Canto Paganini

    Bel Canto Paganini

    Sample rate(s): 96/24
    Genre: Classical
  11. Beethoven: Chamber Music for Winds
  12. Bernstein, Brahms, Burgmuller, Francaix & Widmann: Works for Clarinet & Piano
  13. Back To Our First Day

    Back To Our First Day

    Sample rate(s): 48/24
    Artist: Trekkerz
    Genre: Pop
  14. Bizet: Roma - Marche Funebre
  15. Balkan - Honey and Blood
  16. BIZET: Symphony in C Major / Jeux d'enfants