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  1. Organ Great Classics

    Organ Great Classics

    Sample rate(s): 192/24,96/24,DSD 2.8MHz,DSD 5.6MHz
    Artist: Various Artists
    Genre: Classical, DSD
    Label: 2xHD
  2. Organ Recital

    Organ Recital

    Sample rate(s): 192/24
    Artist: Raymond Daveluy
    Label: 2xHD
  3. Oscar Pettiford: Baden-Baden 1958-1959

    Oscar Pettiford: Baden-Baden 1958-1959

    Sample rate(s): 192/24
    Genre: DSD, Jazz
    Label: 2xHD
  4. Out of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

    Sample rate(s): 44.1/24
    Artist: Christian Howes
    Label: 2xHD